Custom On Hold Promotions

NO YEARLY or MONTHLY FEES. How cool is that? 

What do YOUR callers listen to while waiting on hold?


Are you maximizing the FULL BENEFITS
of the on-hold feature of your business phone system?


Why are custom written, unique messages on hold
better than any other option on hold?

If you have silence on-hold, a radio station on hold, just music on hold, 

or trite and ineffective courtesy messages on hold, then you are NOT taking

FULL advantage of the POWER you have right at your fingertips when

you press that On Hold Button.

Learn why options OTHER than messages on hold
are all BAD for business! Click HERE.

50% of all people on hold with silence will hang up after 20 seconds.
-- USA Business Telephone Today

People on hold JUST listening to MUSIC hang up within 70 seconds.
-- North American Telecommunications Association

88% of people prefer listening to messages with music
to ANYTHING else when placed on hold.
-- Maxi Marketing Survey

'Custom On-Hold Promotions' by MINOWA VOICE-OVERS
offers a proven and effective method
of projecting a professional image

while informing, advertising and promoting
your products and services


Having on-hold advertising reduces caller hang ups by almost 90%.
-- Better Business Marketing


Use precious on hold time wisely to: 


Promote.  Inform.  Educate.  Advertise.  Announce.


Remind.  Sell.  Provide Helpful Tips & Advice.


Entertain or Sooth With Music Between Messages.

Engage your callers' minds on hold, with uniquely tailored, well-written
hold messages, performed by experienced, professional voice-over talent,
and accompanied with license-free music composed by professional musicians.

Stimulate.  Spark Questions.  Reassure.  Calm.

Give your callers confidence that they have not been disconnected
(as is often the case with silence on hold).

Keep callers in a positive frame of mind as they wait.

Your existing or prospective customers deserve the best
customer service you can provide, even while they are on-hold!

You have a CAPTIVE AUDIENCE on hold.

Think about that.

What could be a more perfect way to communicate
to existing and prospective new customers?

Even on hold time that appears to be brief, such as 30 seconds,
is the length of one radio or TV commercial.
You can convey a significant amount of information in that time!

Don't waste precious on hold time
when there are so many benefits to 'Custom On-Hold Promotions'!

To learn more about the many BENEFITS & PURPOSES of having
  license-free music and custom messages on hold, Click HERE.


Some satisfied customers of  "Custom On-Hold Promotions" by MINOWA VOICE-OVERS
are located in Maryville, Tennessee (Maryville, TN);
Monticello, New York (Monticello, NY)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, PA);
Staten Island, New York (Staten Island, NY); 
Cincinnati, Ohio (Cincinnati, OH):
Seattle, Washington (Seattle, WA);
Newark, Delaware (Newark, DE);
Hamburg, New York (Hamburg, New York):
Lockport, New York (Lockport, New York);
Miami, Florida (Miami, FL);
Hooksett, New Hampshire (Hooksett, NH);
and Clark, New Jersey (Clark, NJ).

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