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As the dawn of a new century began in 2000, so did one full year of intense research into the Custom Message and Music On Hold Industry by founder and professional voice-over talent, Michelle Diane Rowe of Wilmington, Delaware. This comprehensive study and research resulted in a profound understanding and strong belief in the value of custom messages on hold and its many benefits for the wider business and medical communities.  After thorough planning and development, 'Custom On-Hold Promotions' by MINOWA VOICE-OVERS was launched in January 2001, with much commitment and enthusiasm! 


'Custom On-Hold Promotions' by MINOWA VOICE-OVERS is a small, woman-owned business, dedicated to offering top quality, custom written, professionally voiced and produced Music and Message On Hold Digital Audio Productions and On Hold Players for small to large businesses.


Additionally, professional voice-over talent services are offered to record other types of business phone messages, such as the Main Greeting, After Hours Greeting, Auto Attendant Message, Voice Prompts or Voicemail Messages. 

"Custom On-Hold Promotions" by MINOWA VOICE-OVERS are playing
on business phone systems throughout the USA and beyond.

With today's user-friendly MP3 On-Hold Units with a THUMB DRIVE, MP3 message on hold audio productions can be updated quickly, easily and efficiently via online delivery to any business around the world!  And, the same holds true for VOIP phone systems which play the audio on hold via a server. 

These uniquely tailored, custom written message
on hold audio productions can be heard in the USA,
as far north as Boston, Massachusetts, to as far
south as Miami, Florida; expanding westward to St. George, Utah;
Mesquite, Nevada; and Seattle, Washington;
Portland, Oregon; and Cupertino, California;
and internationally, to the Turks & Caicos Islands in the Carribean.

   Wide and varied in scope, "Custom On-Hold Promotions"
by MINOWA VOICE-OVERS have been installed at medical offices,
such as plastic & cosmetic surgeons, dentists, orthodontists, optometrists,
opthamologists, a hearing aid company, hematology and oncology
center, maternal and fetal medicine clinic, gastroenterologists
and veterinary clinics. 



Other types of businesses who have hired the custom message and music on hold services of MINOWA VOICE-OVERS include a transportation company, auto collision and repair, auto painting, moving company, pet resort, airport and hangar space, concrete supplier, recyling and material supplier, electronics supplier, trucking services, mushroom supplier,  animal feed store, tool supplier, a marketing group, bolting equipment supplier, paneling & vaneer, building contractor, Caribbean vacation resort and USA-based reservation center, global logistics company, spa/hot tub retailer, funeral home, valve & fitting supplier, law firms, employment agency, med-spa, hair salons & spas, restaurant parts supplier and others.



"Custom On-Hold Promotions" by MINOWA VOICE-OVERS is dedicated to:


  • To maintain and enhance the professional image of a business, organization or medical office when a caller is placed on hold.
  • To work closely with customers to write, voice and produce a uniquely tailored, professional set of messages with music that best represents and promotes a business's products and services to their callers on hold.
  • To provide a cost-effective, valuable and powerful customer relations and marketing tool that MAXIMIZES THE FULL POTENTIAL of a phone system's on-hold feature, moreso than any other option on hold (silence, radio, music alone, or courtesy messages with music on hold).
  • To engage the minds of callers on-hold with a well written, effective script, specifically crafted "for the ear"  (that is, geared towards a listening audience), voiced by experienced voice-over talent, that will MAKE AN IMPACT, LEAVE A POSITIVE IMPRESSION with the caller, and give the customer results, too.
  • To create a win-win situation for both the caller and the customer!


Some satisfied customers of "Custom On-Hold Promotions" by MINOWA VOICE-OVERS
are located in Ivyland, Pennslyvania (Ivyland, PA);
Provo, Utah (Provo, UT):
Pickerington, Ohio (Pickerington, OH);
Hopkinton, Massachusetts (Hopkinton, MA);
Pocomoke City, Maryland (Pocomoke City, MD);
Cerritos, California (Cerritos, CA);
Tukwila, Washington (Tukwila, WA);
Plainville, Connecticut (Plainville, CT); 
Louisville, Kentucky (Louisville, KY);
Unionville, Pennsylvania (Unionville, PA);
and Jackson, Mississippi (MS). 

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