Custom On Hold Promotions



From a DENTAL PRACTICE:   May 17, 2022

"You did a fantastic job, Michelle!!!  Sounds so professional and we love it. What an art!
  You were so wonderful to work with. I recommend you to anyone inquiring."

Carl M. Embury, DDS
Embury Family Dentistry
West Seneca, NY

From a WOMEN'S HEALTH CARE FACILITY:  March 26, 2020

"Sounds amazing!! I was able to load the Thumb Drive and we now have calming hold music and your soothing voice. Thank you for all your help in figuring out what to do to faciilitate this project."

Carol Ayers, Office Manager
First State Women's Care
Newark, DE


From a PAIN MANAGEMENT CLINIC:  May 15, 2019

"I think it's fantastic! Good work!" 

Chase Morrison, CEO
Desert Pain Specialists
St. George, UT


"Michelle, we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the finished product of music and custom messages on-hold! Thank you so much! We very much appreciate you!! You are AWESOME. I loved working with you!!"

Bridgette and Mark Olsen, Co-Owners
National Elite Transportation
Washington, UTAH

From a MOVING & STORAGE COMPANY:   May 23, 2017  
Just wanted to send you a quick note to say how pleased we were with your custom messages and music on hold.  'Custom On-Hold Promotions' by MINOWA VOICE-OVERS was so very nice to work with.  The attention to detail and the turnaround time was terrific.
Michelle Rowe has a voice that is soothing, relaxing and very clear to the ear.  COWS of Delaware is very pleased to have chosen 'Custom On-Hold Promotions' by MINOWA VOICE-OVERS to produce, edit and record our voice-overs. Already, within one day, we've had a caller placed on-hold inquire about our newest service!
Michelle is also technically skilled at delivering the proper audio files for VOIP phones, as well as knowledgable about the management of messages and music on-hold for VOIP phone systems.
I would and will certainly recommend my clients to call Michelle Rowe and utilize her “professional voice-over talent" and audio production skills for their phone system.
Great service and thank you.
James D. Hopkins
Delaware Moving and Storage
& COWS of Delaware
From a DENTIST:   September 27, 2016

"After much research, I am thrilled with my decision to use Michelle Rowe and "Custom On-Hold Promotions" by MINOWA VOICE-OVERS for the message on-hold system for my office! Michelle is thorough, professional, and very flexible. Her product is excellent and priced fairly. I highly recommend her!" 

Dr. Connie Cicorelli
General Dentist
Cicorelli Dental Group
Wilmington, DE 


From a HARDWARE STORE:     June 10, 2016

"We invested in a new phone system and Michelle Rowe at Custom On-Hold Promotions was my first call.  Her writing is spot-on and the voice-overs sound very professional.  She was very helpful in suggesting background music tracks that fit the vibe of our business.  We have received a lot of positive feedback since we implemented her recordings.  I would highly recommend Custom On-Hold Promotions by MINOWA VOICE-OVERS for any business that wants to imbed professional marketing into their on-hold phone system."
Jeffrey Ulmer, Owner
Action Hardware
Wilmington, DE
From a MOVING COMPANY:     March 29, 2016

"We are very happy with it. It sounds great!" 

Kirsten M. Pitrizzi
Vice President
Hopkins and Sons, Inc. 
New Castle, DE 

From a TOOL AND STAMPING COMPANY:    April 3, 2014

"Sounds great, Michelle.....We are very happy to say goodbye to our awful on hold music and have your custom written messages on hold playing!  Working with you was a breeze. The process went smoothly and we LOVED the music selections that you chose for us.  Being a first for us, it was hard to believe how quickly and easily we were able to get professional on-hold messages started. A few emails and phone conversations and our equipment arrived. In no time we were delivering professionally voiced messages on hold to our customers in place of the stale music on hold they had complained about for years.  Thank you 'Custom On-Hold Promotions' by MINOWA VOICE-OVERS!"
Cassandra Banks, Quality Assurance
Scenic Tool and Stamping, Inc.
Campobello, SC

From an ELECTRONICS COMPANY:    March 12, 2014

"Everyone loves the messages and music on hold recording!  You did a great job. Working with you at Minowa Voice-overs was an absolute pleasure.  You
 are very easy to work with and explained the entire process in a clear and concise manner. I knew exactly what I was getting and you were there every step of 
 the way to answer all of our questions. We needed a quick turnaround on the project and you were more than accomodating. The final product was excellent
 and exceeded our expectations. We will definitely be using "Custom On-Hold Promotions" by MNOWA VOICE-OVERS in the future."

Kyle Grappone, Brand Marketing Specialist
EverFocus Electronics Corporation
Hauppage, NY


From a RESORT RESERVATION CENTER:   December 6, 2012

"We've been using Minowa Voice-overs for years for our custom message and music on hold productions (since 2004) and have been very happy with the services provided. Recently, we decided to try a more active monthly update on-hold marketing plan for a full year. We purchased a quantity discount 'AD'-ON Package which consisted of six 30-SECOND and six 40-SECOND advertisements on hold to run for twelve months. That also included monthly reminders for our ad copy and editing of that copy, if necessary.  Each 'AD'-ON was used to promote our monthly specials and played along with our regular overview messages on hold for the resort. Normally, we feature our monthly specials and new features on our website, requiring guests to click on a specific section of the website. Having a second source to showcase these specials and features that's as simple as callers listening on hold, has made a HUGE impact on sales!

As an example, as a resort in the Caribbean, January tends to be a slow month for us. Knowing this, we always offer a great January special. In 2012, we offered the same January special, only this time we also featured it with a 30 Second 'AD'-ON message on hold. As a result, our 2012 January saw a 62% increase in reservations for the most successful January we've had to date! 

As another example, we offer a value added package that includes not only room rates, but also meals and other hotel extras. In 2012, we used two of our 'AD'-ON promotions to highlight our value added package. During those two months, we saw a 20% increase in package reservations

The increase of sales combined with the ease of using 'AD'-ONS and the level of help and professionalism that Michelle Rowe from MINOWA VOICE-OVERS brings, had made this a fantastic decision for us. With Michelle's recommendation, upgrading from our CD-Download On-Hold Unit to the newer USB Thumb Drive MP3 Player was a good move to make this update method possible for us. Managing the monthly update process ourselves is simple with the email delivery of our monthly MP3s, and with detailed instructions for loading the Flash Thumb Drive. In light of Michelle Rowe's on hold marketing expertise, there is no question that her dedication to creatiing an inventive, solid method of formatting and phonecasting our set of message on hold productions to be HIGHLY effective, has had a powerful impact on Ocean Club Resorts with results that are impressive and profitable. 

We'll definately be purchasing another year of monthly message on hold updates with a quantity discount 'AD'-ON PACKAGE by MINOWA VOICE-OVERS (and probably many more). Thank you "Custom On-Hold Promotions" by MINOWA VOICE-OVERS!"

Tanya Duelfer, Accounting and Revenue Manager
Ocean Club Resorts
Turks and Caicos Island


From a DEPOSITORY:   July 12, 2012

"Sounds great! You always do a fantastic job. I forwarded (the MP3 file) to Bob and Alberto. I'm sure they will love it. The music sounds awesome."

Vicki Reid
First State Depository
Wilmington, DE
From a DENTAL OFFICE:  December 15, 2010                         
"We contacted Michelle Rowe of “Custom On-Hold Promotions” by MINOWA VOICE-OVERS to add new information to our existing message on-hold production, which she had produced in 2005. New Castle Dental had added several new services to our dental care practice, such as sedation dentistry, Cerec-single visit crowns, and soft-tissue laser. For our new dental services, we sent the information about each one on a separate sheet, to be produced as ‘AD’-ONS.  The process of updating our custom messages and music on-hold was simple and straightforward. Michelle emailed us our most current on-hold script so that we could make deletions or additions to our existing messages right into the script that are clearly seen. Michelle reviewed the information and made some minor changes, keeping the copy in line with “writing for the ear.”

The result was great and the sound quality is excellent. Our new ON-HOLD messages are extremely informative to our patients. After patients are on hold in our office, they often ask us about the services they have heard about while on hold.

We also upgraded from a CD Download On-Hold System to a newer USB Flash Drive MP3 On-Hold System. We  now have several MP3s playing on hold: a combination of our existing, main, overview information about the dental practice and our newer services. With this newest, cutting-edge USB Flash Drive MP3 On-Hold System, any one of these MP3 audio files can be easily replaced or removed, as needed, if no longer valid or if a revision is needed, without effecting any of the other MP3s playing on-hold! Any completely new messages we need in the future can be produced as an ‘AD’-ON, emailed to us as an MP3 file, then easily transferred on to the USB Flash Drive from the computer. The final step is simply walking the flash drive card over to the on-hold unit and inserting it into the front-load slot. It’s that easy.

Our office would definitely recommend Michelle Rowe for any of your “ON-HOLD” needs."

Kathy Manuel, Office Manager
New Castle Dental Associates
New Castle, Delaware
From a PAINT COMPANY:   November 20, 2009                    
"I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all your help establishing our ‘on hold’ phone program.  With “Custom On-Hold Promotions” by MINOWA VOICE-OVERS, everything from the planning process to the installation transitioned so smoothly!  We are so pleased with the new on hold system and have found it to be a great asset to our company.  We are now able to keep our current customers informed of our company events and offer valuable information to our prospective customers which has proven to be a wonderful marketing strategy!!

We really liked having the option to also purchase a quantity discount 'AD'-ON PACKAGE to feature shorter announcements. This enabled us to play shorter 30-SECOND messages on hold in between our longer segments -- and in more than one place -- to promote monthly specials and our newest automotive paint supply product. The 'AD'-ON formatting and placement reassured us that our callers on hold would have a higher chance of hearing this featured information, since it wasn't a message placed within the context of one long continuous audio production.  We were impressed with your well thought out and innovative idea of these AD-ON mini-productions and their strategic placement on our on hold system.  It was obvious that during our On-Hold Marketing Consultation, your concern was to learn as much as you could about our products and services, as well as to listen carefully to our own vision for on hold messages. As a result, you succeeded in making our custom messages on hold as effective as they possibly could be!

Receiving the Package Offer, that included the latest USB MP3 On Hold Unit, pre-loaded with all the MP3 audio files, made it so easy to just plug in and play. After an easy installation to the MOH port of our phone system, all we had to do was to adjust the volume. We also appreciate that with this unit and it's removable USB Flash Thumb Drive, it's very simple to replace MP3 audio files when they are no longer timely.

Again, I want to commend you for your fine work and the attention you gave to customizing the product to our company needs!  

It was a pleasure working with you and we look forward to utilizing your custom message and music on hold services in the future!"

Robert H. Monczewski, President
Till Paint
Woodbury Heights, New Jersey

From a HEARING AID company  June 6, 2009                         

"Just a note to say how pleased we are with the new custom message and music on hold system you produced for Delaware Hearing Aids. We have had a number of compliments about the informative messages and relaxing music.

In turn, we have recommended the services of “Custom On-Hold Promotions” by MINOWA VOICE-OVERS to other businesses.  Again, thank you for providing us with well written, professional voice-overs for our callers on hold."
Bob Hanrahan, Owner
Delaware Hearing Aids
Wilmington, Delaware


From a FUNERAL HOME:   April 22, 2009                                      
"It was a pleasure working with you. I cannot say enough good things about how you were able to accommodate our unique business needs for our on-hold messages. The inflection and tone of voice in the messages had to be very specific (professional but not too upbeat) to meet the needs of our funeral home’s callers, and you did an excellent job recording exactly what we were looking for.  I was impressed with the initial “Starter Packet” you sent. Although I did not utilize your custom script writing services, I was pleased with your insightful comments and edits on the script I provided to make it read better.

Your attention to detail certainly shines through in your finished product for Custom On-Hold Promotions. You took the script and made insightful music recommendations to accompany the content. I am very pleased with the final product that is playing on hold to our callers to McCrery and Harra Funeral Homes and Crematory. I specifically like how the music selections fit each voice-over perfectly, and how the music transitions smoothly from one segment to the next.

No longer do our customers have to sit and suffer in silence on hold thanks to “Custom On-Hold Promotions” by Minowa Voice-overs."

Todd Harra
McCrery and Harra Funeral Homes and Crematory, Inc.
Wilmington, Delaware

From a PANEL & VANEER supplier:    March 16, 2009              

"I want to express my gratitude for your job well done.  “Custom On-Hold Promotions” by MINOWA VOICE-OVERS exceeded my expectations. You proved to be thorough, personable and talented. And not to mention, affordable. Our on hold message has been well received by our customers.  

We don’t like to put people on-hold, but when we have to, it’s comforting knowing they are listening to a soothing voice while learning about Cal-Panel and our new products.  

I submitted a pre-written script which you fine tuned using your “writing for the ear” copywriting skills and on hold marketing skills. Your suggestions were spot on. We are very satisfied with your work and look forward to working with you again when it’s time to amend our on hold messages. Many thanks."

John Allen, Vice-President
Cal Panel
Cerritos, California

From a MEDICAL CARE SPECIALTY Center:  (Maternal & Fetal Medicine)    September 26, 2008             

"I wanted to thank you for all of your help with our telephone voice system at the Delaware Center for Maternal and Fetal Medicine at Christiana Care.  Most of the time the phone interaction is a patient's first impression of a practice.  It is a critical encounter that often goes overlooked or neglected.   The professional voice-over talent and custom message on hold service we received from MINOWA VOICE-OVERS has helped us turn this important first impression into a caring and compassionate encounter for OUR patients.  

Many of our patients have commented that they liked the on-hold messaging and found it to be informative, yet calming while waiting to schedule an appointment.   This is especially important for a medical practice.   The whole process of working with “Custom On-Hold Promotions” by MINOWA VOICE-OVERS, from writing the script to the music selection was very easy.  

Lastly,  I thought it was great to have a local voice-over talent available right here in Delaware who is willing to go on-site to record directly into the phone system."

Elizabeth Williams, Practice Manager
Delaware Center for Maternal & Fetal Medicine
Newark, Delaware


From a PERSONAL SERVICES company:   January 31, 2007

"As a start up company offering custom personal services in Delaware, it was important to us to project a professional image to our new callers on-hold.  Michelle, you did a great job giving us the ability to inform our customers of our service through our phone system with custom messages and music on hold. You were creative, courteous, had a quick turnaround time and were extremely professional. The MP3 On Hold Player delivers great sound quality. As a busy company, we really like the fact that we can request to update our messages via email as MP3 audio files. You have great ideas that allowed a new business to sound like a seasoned company."

Kelly L. Pacilio, Senior Concierge
GB At Your Service

From a HOT TUB/SPA Retailer:  August 15, 2006                        

"I just have to write to let you know how much we appreciate the job you’ve done for us. As you know, I really don’t like when I get put on hold and can’t tell if I’m still connected to whom I called. In general, we all tend to dislike being put on hold; however, custom messages on hold from Minowa Voice-overs can inform, as well as entertain.  You were so meticulous at getting messages and music on hold perfect for us, that you were starting to get on our nerves. We thought, “Hey, it’s just hold messages -- does it really need to be perfect?”  

Well, then the results!  I had one of my hot tub company reps say, “Put me back on hold, I was just learning about the origins of hob tubs.” Now when we have to ask our clients to please hold for us, we hit the hold button with confidence knowing they are going to hear our custom messages on hold. The fact that we can add new material, or a promotional on hold message, whenever we please, is very appealing to us.

Michelle, you are truly a consummate professional when it comes to messages on hold. You don’t quit until the messages and music on hold are timed to perfection. We will extol the virtues of “Custom On-Hold Promotions” by Minowa Voice-overs to everyone. You certainly exceeded our expectations. THANK YOU!

Don Adams, President
Clearwater Spas, Inc.
New Castle, Delaware 

From a MUSHROOM supplier:   May 4, 2006

“I am writing to express To-Jo Mushroom’s absolute satisfaction with the On Hold Message system you personally created for us.….This personalized commercial immediately drew positive attention to our company. Our customers enjoy hearing about our company and about our current product line. Some have already inquired about some of our products they never knew about. Our experience with you, Michelle, was great and extremely effortless. We look forward to working with you again in the future when we’re ready to update our On-Hold Commercial Information. Thank you once again for all of your help.”

Cynthia C. DeStafney, Office Manager
To-Jo Mushrooms, Inc.
Avondale, Pennsylvania
From a BOLTING EQUIPMENT supplier:   August 10, 2005           

"Our new custom messages and music on hold sound amazing!!  Thank you. It was such a pleasure working on this project with you. Determining how to relay who Maxpro is and the variety of products and services we offer in 30 second spurts seemed a daunting task. Your guidance and suggestions made the process so easy. Plus the music you selected to accompany the messages was perfect.

It’s comforting knowing our customers are learning about our products and services when on hold instead of listening to a local radio station as before. We’ve received many comments about the information they heard and your pleasant and professional voice.

Many thanks to “Custom On-Hold Promotions” by MINOWA VOICE-OVERS for your guidance, knowledge and talent."

Tom Macey
Maxpro Corporation
Horsham, PA

From a CARRIBEAN VACATION resort:  (on Turks & Caicos Island)   May 27, 2004             

"Through the recommendation of our phone salesman, we were put in touch with Michelle Rowe from Minowa Voice-overs. After weeks of researching companies who could record messages on-hold for our busy hotel reservation center, we were happy to find someone local, affordable, and who knew exactly what we needed.

After about 2 weeks and closely working with Michelle, we had the unit in our office & ready to go. I was very happy with the quality of the sound, the professionalism of Michelle’s voice & how by just filling out a few sheets of information on our company and reviewing our brochures, she was able to put together the perfect “on hold” system to suit us. Michelle is very detailed, efficient & has a great voice.

Most importantly, would be the fact that we had a very specific type of music we needed. As two Caribbean resorts, we definitely needed an island feel -- not loud, but soothing & relaxing.  I had requested “Reggae” music as part of island music, and Michelle was determined to find it!  After just a few days, she had several tracks for me to hear. They were perfect!

Thanks, Michelle & I look forward to working with you on all of our future voice-over needs."

Lorrie Hicken, US Reservations Manager
US Reservation Center
Ocean Club Resorts
Newark, Delaware
Ocean Club Resorts
Turks & Caicos Islands

From a CONSTRUCTION & BUILDING Contractor:  March 26, 2002      

"We just wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you did with our on hold messages.  You made the entire process, from the early stages of discovering what our company is all about and the script writing, to the finished product, as simple and pain free as we could have expected.  You knew the right questions to ask in order to obtain the information needed to write the script describing our company's products and services, just as if you had worked here for years.  

Your suggestions of accompanying music were right on the mark and your voice-over performance is exceptional. While on hold, clients can listen to your smooth, professional voice interspersed with jazzy, easy listening music.   

The end result speaks for itself.  We couldn't have asked for a more professional job.  Thank you again."

Liz Jones, Office Manager
Mervin L. Blades & Son, Inc.
Pocomoke City, Maryland

From an ENERGY Company:  (On-site recording for Main Greetings, Auto Attandant and Voice-mail Greetings)    March 15, 2002

"I wanted to take a few moments to again thank you for your help in establishing our voice prompt system. They system has been well received by our customers and allows more accurate “after-hours” customer service information to be provided to our customers at a lower cost than we were able to obtain through our traditional telephone answering service.

The six pages of voice-over work you recorded here for our two locations was just the right tone - natural and pleasing to the ear. Aside from being an excellent voice-over artist, you went beyond what I expected. I appreciated your review of our lengthy scripts and input by offering your knowledge of “writing for the ear”. Your consideration of my callers and their needs showed me a serious commitment as a voice-over artist who really sees the “big picture”.

Terrance McBride
Burns & McBride Energy
Wilmington, Delaware

From an OPTOMETRIST practice:  March 5, 2002

“I can’t tell you how happy I am with my “on hold” system. Patients are constantly commenting on how professional we are at letting them know all the services we suddenly provide. The shame is that we have always provided these services - we just never had the proper tool to inform them, until now!

The quality and content of the messages on hold seem to keep my patients’ interest.  I even had one patient ask me to put him back on hold!  He said you were just getting to the good part. I appreciated the guidance you provided on copywriting and background music.  Your instincts seem to be right on the mark.

Feel free to have any potential clients call us and ask to be put ‘on hold’. “

George E. Ozer, O.D.
Ozer Family Vision Care
Boothwyn, PA

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