Custom On Hold Promotions


of Custom Messages and Music On-Hold


There are numerous benefits and purposes to having
professionally voiced and custom written messages on hold playing to your callers...
your CAPTIVE audience on hold!

Please take a look below to learn about what you'd expect and a few surprises!

PROJECT and MAINTAIN a PROFESSIONAL IMAGE to new & existing customers.

If the caller is a first time caller, remember, you can never make a second first impression.

Your professional image is literally on the line when callers are put on hold. 

Make a good FIRST impression.

And, for existing customers, the importance of maintaining your professional image on-hold should not be underestimated.


  • PROMOTE New Products and/or Services with messages on-hold. 
  • CROSS-SELL Existing Products and/or Services, by maximizing the use of the on hold feature of your phone system, increasing productivity and sales.
  • ADVERTISE specials, discounts, holiday sales or events throughout the year with on hold messages. Direct people to visit your website for coupons and special offers.
  • REINFORCE an existing Ad Campaign on TV, Radio or in Print to your callers
    waiting on hold, for added profits.


INCREASE CREDIBILITY with custom written messages on-hold with information
about your background, education, ongoing training, or years of experience.

CONVEY RESPECT of callers' valuable time as they wait on hold. 
Custom Messages with On Hold Music is just good customer service.
You're showing your callers you care about making their wait on hold a positive experience.



STIMULATE QUESTIONS and CONVERSATION which can lead to increased rapport.


your callers on-hold with anecdotes and/or humor!



This can happen with silence, annoying hard-sell radio commercials on hold, common courtesy messages on hold (i.e. thank you for holding, your call is important, etc.), or with music on hold the caller may dislike.

With custom written messages and music on hold, you will:

REDUCE the likelihood of CALLER HANG-UPS, which reduces lost customers and lost sales.

Especially with silence, callers often think they are being disconnected after awhile.
Custom on hold messages and music reassures callers that they have not been
disconnected, while keeping their attitude positive.



EDUCATE / INFORM in a unique manner for added interest:

Tell your callers on hold about the latest news, research or trends
relating to your profession, business or organization.

Custom On-Hold Promotions by MINOWA VOICE-OVERS offers suggestions for these types
of messages, and will conduct research online, if necessary, if this information is not provided.
1 Hour of Research is included in any purchase to add something unique to your messages on hold!


INFORM with TRIVIA, FACTS & FIGURES, or HISTORY as it relates to your profession or organization. This type of novel, unexpected information can make it even more interesting for the caller who is waiting on hold.  The passage of time can then go unnoticed! 

         This "creative content" option is available to you to further engage your caller's mind on hold
         and keep the experience positive and captivating!

Custom On-Hold Promotions by MINOWA VOICE-OVERS offers suggestions for these types of messageand will do the necessary research online, if there isn't any provided.  1-Hour of research is included in all purchases.

with a brief mention of community service.

This type of message on hold may serve to reach your caller on an
emotional level and further create positive feelings of respect,
admiration and trust. 

A message on-hold that shares with your caller something you
care deeply about, reflected in a service to the greater community,
adds a more personal touch to your messages on hold. 
It lets callers on hold know you are just as human as they are. 
It adds some human connection to the wider world. 

BE HELPFUL TO OTHERS by offering tips, advice and information of benefit to your callers on hold.

This is especially true of medical professionals; however, being helpful on hold can apply
to many types of businesses or non-profit organizations. Showing concern for your
caller on hold is just good customer relations.  It can help to instill a feeling of trust,
mutual respect and comfort in your caller. 

Custom On-Hold Promotions by MINOWA VOICE-OVERS offers suggestions for these types of messages
and will do the necessary research online, if there isn't any provided.  1-Hour of research is included in all purchases.


'Custom On Hold Promotions' by MINOWA VOICE-OVERS offers you an
opportunity to bring your own original, creative bright ideas to life!

You are always welcome to contribute any ideas for messages on-hold
that play on your business phone system.  

if you are currently using a radio station on hold. 

Why pay a yearly licensing fee to promote other business's products and services
that play on-hold on your business phone system? 
There is absolutely NO BENEFIT for YOU to play a radio station on-hold.
(Please visit the page that explains: "Why These Options Are Bad" for your business)



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