Custom On Hold Promotions




With "Custom On-Hold Promotions" by MINOWA VOICE-OVERS:

There are NO YEARLY or MONTHLY fees.
You pay for what you want, WHEN and IF you need it, and that's all.



  • Custom Messages On Hold Marketing Consultations, initially, and as needed, as a new customer.
  • Copywriting Specialty Services geared towards "writing for the ear (as opposed to print) and specific to phone-casting applications.  Includes 1 FREE HOUR of research to add something uniquely interesting or useful for your callers to listen to on hold!
  • Seasoned Professional Voice-over Talent with over 20 years varied and broad work experience.
  • Digital Audio Production in a professional digital recording studio, using Pro-Tools audio software.
  • Wide Assortment of Royalty-Free Music in many different tempos, styles and categories.
  • Support Materials:  Questionnaire; Step-by-Step Instructions via a "Getting Started Procedure" sheet.
  • Support Services:  Update Reminders with any Quantity Discount Update Package; Technical Assistance for Message On Hold Equipment and Updating the On Hold Systems.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
  • VOIP or Cloud-Based Phone System Support: Will help you to understand how your particular provider plays your messages on-hold. Will work to customize it for the best possible audio quality and effectiveness.


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  • Main Phone Greeting and After-Hours Phone Greeting
  • Auto Attendant Voice Prompt Phone Message
  • Voicemail Phone Messages

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Why choose "Custom On-Hold Promotions" by MINOWA VOICE-OVERS
to custom write, voice and produce your messages on-hold?


  • There are NO MONTHLY OR YEARLY FEES, AND NO LOCKED-IN CONTRACTS. Your purchase is a ONE-TIME BUYOUT. You only pay for what you need NOW and nothing more. We will discuss and evaluate your need to change or not to change information and act accordingly, on an as-needed basis.
  • You receive a STEP-BY-STEP SET of INSTRUCTIONS of what to expect, i.e. the "Getting Started" Procedure sheet, to make the whole process simple to follow, from beginning to end.
  • You receive Unlimited ON-HOLD MARKETING CONSULTATIONS, as needed, once you're a customer.  There is an initial discussion to review your objectives on hold and brainstorm ideas. This is an important part of the process which goes way beyond just filling in blanks in a script template. Rather, the goal of the On-Hold Marketing Consultation is to gain an in-depth understanding of your business or organization from the angle of marketing and customer relations goals. We will discuss your "audience", or 'callers on-hold' and thereby flesh out the priorities for your content during this initial consultation. During this time, also, suggestions will be made based on the information you've provided in the Questionnaire, supplemental literature, or from your website.
  • You receive PROFESSIONAL COPYWRITING SERVICES, specific to Messages On-Hold for Phonecasting. Trained writer, educated and experienced in "writing for the ear", gives you a well-written script, which is the foundation for creating a superior and effective message on-hold production. Additional Feature Writing background can lend human interest slant and creative ideas to the script, while still being geared to "the ear", or listeners. To hire a small business with a copywriter who also has education and experience in feature style writing is a unique skill-set in the message and music on-hold industry; one that gives you extra value for your investment.

  • Your CUSTOM MESSAGE ON-HOLD SCRIPT will be UNIQUE.  It will NOT be cookie-cutter, fill in the blanks, humdrum or run-of-the-mill. It will not be part of an assembly line of jobs that are cranked out at a fast pace for a particular genre of business, where quantity is more important than quality. Rather, ample time and attention is given to writing each customer's script mindfully, with the utmost consideration towards how to best market your products and services on hold. The goal is a high quality set of messages on hold that is EFFECTIVE and gives you results, as well as being interesting to your callers on hold.

  • You are involved in REVIEWING the script for accuracy.  You are welcome to make any edits and revisions as you see fit.  Your role is also to grant FINAL APPROVAL of the On Hold Script before it is recorded.  This guarantees your satisfaction with content.
  • You know your business the best; therefore, your contribution is invaluable and encouraged for the highest level of success to result. In addition to filling out a detailed Questionnaire, your input continues during the On-Hold Marketing Consultation, before the script is written.  

  • You Receive PROFESSIONAL VOICE-OVER TALENT with over 20 Years Experience in many different types of voice-overs. Voice-overs will be performed specifically, appropriately and sensitively for up close callers on hold. Smooth, pleasing, intelligent voice that is "easy on the ears" for this application. Excellence in voice-over technique and performance ensures that your recorded messages on hold will be effective, have a positive impact and leave a good impression Most of all, you will get results.  To listen to MESSAGE ON HOLD SAMPLES of "Custom On-Hold Promotions" by MINOWA VOICE-OVERS, please visit that link or click HERE now.
  • You have the option of being involved in the MUSIC REVIEW, to preview various Music Selections from categories of your choosing. Choose from a wide variety of License-Free Music that includes Jazz, Easy Listening, Adult Contemporary, Light and/or Soft Rock, Acoustic Guitar, Classical Piano, Folk, World Music, New Age, Classical Orchestra and others.  If your time is limited, then choosing categories is sufficient, without review.
  • You Receive a HIGH QUALITY DIGITAL AUDIO Recording, produced using professional audio recording equipment and software (Pro-Tools).
  • INDIVIDUAL AUDIO PRODUCTIONS Available as MP3 audio files, WAV files, on a CD, or most other audio formats, as requested.  NOTE: The most popular and efficient audio files used now are MP3 audio files, which are compatible with most of the newest On-Hold Units available today, and sound great. Audio files are always produced in the highest quality possible, in order to result in the best, most clear sound.
  • FAST, EFFICIENT ONLINE DELIVERY of quality audio files for frequently updated messages or updated messages at any time.  
  • FREE SHIPPING of On-Hold Equipment (if needed) within the continental USA.
  • ON-HOLD UNIT is PRE-LOADED with all "Custom On-Hold Promotions" MP3 audio files. It will be all ready to plug in and play. Plugs into MOH port of KSU phone systems.
  • TECHNICAL SUPPORT with purchase of On Hold Unit:  1). How to use it   2). Updating messages if needed.                                                                                                                                                                          
  • VOIP/CLOUD-BASED PHONE PROVIDER SUPPORT: Will help you understand how it manages messages on-hold, which varies system to system.  Many of these VOIP systems will only play audio from the beginning. When shopping around, ask!  Will deliver the highest quality audio your phone system will allow.                                                                                                                                                                                      
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE:  Attentive, Friendly, Professional, Prompt and Courteous customer serivce from start to finish.

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for Main Greeting, After Hours Greeting, Auto Attendant and Voicemail Messages

Does your business phone system need a voice-lift? 
Enhance your professional image with professional voice-over talent
for the first greetings your callers will hear, before they are put on hold. 


Remember, you can never make a second first impression!

How does this work?  If the customer is located within a 45-mile radius of northern Wilmington, Delaware, messages can be recorded on-site, directly into the phone, at the customer's place of business.  Typically, this is arranged with the assistance of a phone technician.  For phone systems whereby technicians can directly program WAV or MP3 audio files into the phone system, your location is inconsequential. The audio files are recorded at the MINOWA VOICE-OVERS studio and delivered online to your technician to program the business phone. This applies to anywhere in the world.

Review of Phone Scripts:  Review and editing of phone scripts is a service included in the voice-over talent and/or recording fee. This can serve to help improve the flow, succinctness, ease of comprehension and functionality for the callers.

To inquire about professional voice-over talent for your phone messages, please call Michelle at 302-478-8764.


Some satisfied customers of "Custom On-Hold Promotions" by MINOWA VOICE-OVERS
are located in Trooper, Pennsylvania (Trooper, PA);
Tampa, Florida (Tampa, FL);
Greenville, Delaware (Greenville, DE);
Elkton, Maryland (Elkton, MD);
Houston, Texas (Houston, TX);
Horsham, Pennsylvania (Horsham, PA);
Birmingham, Alabama (Birmingham, AL);
Clifton, New Jersey (Clifton, NJ); 
and Camden, Delaware (Camden, DE). 

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